Your commitment to Healthiest Maryland Businesses will be advertised on our website, at press events, and you will be provided with the Healthiest Maryland logo to display in the workplace.  Our businesses can also receive special recognition through our Wellness at Work Awards Program.

Training Events

In addition to online webinars, Healthiest Maryland Businesses have access to statewide learning events and regional collaboratives and trainings, including the CDC Work@Health® Employer Training.


As a Healthiest Maryland Business, you will receive regionally tailored monthly e-newsletters highlighting news and events throughout the state and your region.



Our members have access to complimentary technical assistance from one of our highly trained Worksite Wellness Specialists. Our team can help you develop an annual worksite health improvement plan and budget, and can point you towards customized free and low cost resources.

Member Benefits

Healthiest Maryland Businesses

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Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control

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